Free Delivery

FREE DELIVERY (Ending on 5/8/20)

With the growing concern regarding the Covid-19, we at Gary Pools and Leisure want to help people to stay home and healthy while still being able to get products they need.

For a limited time, we will be offering to our customers’ FREE home delivery on any order $40 and over. YOU MUST BE WITHIN A 10-MILE RADIUS OF ANY OF OUR LOCATIONS.

Why wait until it is warm to buy your products when you can get a head start while you have some free time? Buy now and when the weather begins to break, you will be prepared to open your pool and get in it quicker!

**FREE SHIPPING is limited and does not include items like swimming pools, spas etc. Call your local store for more details or questions.

You have two choices. You can either order online on our website or call us to place your order over the phone using a credit card.




  • To place your order online, use COUPON10 while in the shopping cart.  FOR FREE DELIVERY IF YOU ARE WITHIN 10 MILES OF OUR STORE. 
  • If you live more than 10 miles away from any of our locations, you will receive $5 off your order of $40 or more but you will still incur the $14.95 handling fee. This reduces your handling fee to $9.95. Use COUPON5 when placing your order online.




If you are replenishing your pool or spa chemicals and know what you want, please call your local store and we will be happy to assist you in placing your order. This is a great way to order items that are normally too bulky to ship via UPS (like sand, salt or telescopic poles) or are hazardous (like liquid chlorine or opening kits). For people within a 10 mile radius of the stores, we will offer free home delivery (orders $40 and over) if you mention COUPON10. For customers further than 10 miles away from the store, you will need to place your order online.