Heater - 150FD Propane

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The following guide will help you decide which size heater will work best for your pool.  If you are still unsure of which heater you will need feel free to email us at info@garysgotit.com with your pool size.

      Surface Area
150,000 BTU 24 RD / 1624 450sq.ft.
200,000 BTU 16X32 600sq.ft.
250,000 BTU 28 RD / 18X36 750sq.ft.
300,000 BTU 20X40 900sq.ft.
400,000 BTU 30X50 1200sq.ft.



Presenting Hayward®'s world-class heater with an Earth-friendly conscience…the Universal H-Series heater! While all Hayward H-Series heaters are energy-efficient, the Universal H-Series Low NOx heater has an 83-84 percent industry-leading thermal efficiency and complies with all current California and Texas air quality emission standards. The low NOx emission makes it a perfect choice for the environmentally concerned pool owner.

Enjoy a warmer pool this season without your fuel costs skyrocketing. Hayward's H-Series heaters represent innovative heating technology for pools and spas. Its hydraulic performance also saves energy by reducing the circulation time of the pump. It can raise the temperature of an 800 gallon pool 30 degrees in less than an hour—you'll feel the benefits the moment you step into the water. This approach to heating your pool is an efficient use of energy—showing once again our commitment to developing earth-friendly products.

Other performance and efficiency-enhancing advances include stainless steel burners, corrosion-resistant Finn Plate heat exchangers with Cupro nickel, and insulated Fire Tile combustion chambers. This traps the heat unlike other forms of insulation delivering the highest degree of performance from every BTU. Equipped with an LED control panel it monitors heater performance for added convenience and maximum comfort with minimum effort. The ignition system delivers dependable lighting and reliable operations with just a touch of a button. The forced draft system constantly moves air through the combustion chamber to eliminate all outside weather variables affecting heating performance, such as wind conditions, eliminating the need to install a high-wind stack.

This product cannot be shipped via UPS and it will be shipped through a Common Carrier. The Handling Fee is $250 which will added in at checkout. Delivery will be Door/Garage Only. No inside deliveries available for this item.

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