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Swimming with Gary Pools
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Swimming with Gary Pools...

Swimming with Gary Pools...

  • For family togetherness.
  • Great exercise.
    • Physicians have concluded that swimming is the number one exercise for toning the body and getting a good cardiovascular workout.
    • For arthritis.
    • Relaxing and enjoyable!
  • Tons of fun.

    Gary Pools & Leisure has pools in all shapes and sizes, but the main things are we want your swim time to be safe, clean, and trouble-free, we want you to be proud that you purchased a top-quality pool from Gary Pools, and we want you to have the best value for your investment.

    We feature:


    Please, be aware of common issues that you should always think about ”Before” you place any type of pool in your backyard.  A good example would be any above ground pool below 4 ½ feet in depth is EASY ACCESS for a toddler.  This is a very big mistake especially since most of these pools don’t even have locking ladders or a lawn chair can be placed next to it for a child to climb and get into the pool without a blink of the eye!

     Don’t put yourself in this position and don’t make it an easy access to get into the pool for any children without adult supervision.

     In Ground Pools should ALWAYS be fenced separately from the rest of the yard with a lock and or alarm.  They are easy targets since they are ground level for a child to get to.

     Be safe not regretful for the “what I should have and could have done”!

    For more information visit http://www.poolsafely.gov/

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