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Buying An AG Pool
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Buying An Above Ground Pool

Buying An Above Ground Pool

Growing up with a pool is so much fun!
But, buying a pool is also a major investment. As with any major investment, the more you know, the better your decision will be. The materials and processes used to make the components of an above-ground pool will ultimately determine the long-term value of your purchase. With so many different types of swimming pools on the market today, it's difficult to know which one is best. Hopefully, these notes will help.
Minimum maintenance means maximum fun.
When shopping for a new swimming pool, keep this important rule in mind: The amount of maintenance your pool will require depends entirely on what materials are used in it's construction. As time goes by, maintaining an initially inexpensive pool can become costly and time-consuming. That's because inferior materials used in construction tend to rust, crack, or warp. As a pool owner, you'll want to spend your free time enjoying your pool.
What is the difference in pool types?
As technology enhances our lives with new and improved products on a regular basis, it is no wonder that choosing a pool has become more difficult. The slick marketing of the new millennium has made it difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction.

Steel frame pools.
Most pools sold today are made of steel. these pools combine the key features of strength with an affordable price. in other words, value! All
steel pools have the same basic traits and are galvanized to provide rust protection against minor nicks and abrasions. in order to minimize the amount of maintenance on the steel pools, manufacturers have developed several coatings designed to provide additional corrosion resistance.
these coatings protect the frame, wall & substructure of the pool.  A better quality steel pool will have a textured resin coating applied to the surfaces of the pool frame and the wall to provide extra protection against the elements. the resin coating is approximately 33% thicker than painted coatings. this reduces the amount of maintenance and increases the life of your pool.

Resin Frame Pools.
Vogue introduced the first resin framed pool in 1991. Now, over 20 years later, resin frame pools are the preferred pool, as maintenance is eliminated.
Vogue has mastered the production of resin frame pools. The frame components are manufactured in two different ways; extrusion or injection molded.
the extrusion process has components which are pushed out through a die similar to a child's “play dough” toy. this process allows engineers to place “ribs” in the component for additional strength. the manufacturing process limits all components to being straight. the extrusion process is perfect for manufacturing top rails and upright supports very economically.  The injection molding process is used to make “solid” components out of resin. to reinforce these components, these parts have a “honeycomb effect” on the back or underside. this provides great strength and produces totally corrosion free components. Injection molding uses more resin to make a stronger frame section. Just pick up a section and you can feel the difference!
It's up to you!
It is up to you to decide what pool fits your life-style and budget. We at Gary Pools feel that the more information you have, the better the decision you can make. We guarantee the quality that is in each pool package we offer. Therefore, you can breathe easy, knowing you will always be getting the best value for your money at Gary Pools & Leisure

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